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Why Choose Nazareth

What’s the toughest audience you can imagine?

  • Teenagers?
  • U.S. Congressmen?
  • Death Row inmates?
  • The IRS?


Nazareth has left them all howling with laughter—but thinking.

He is a powerful communicator with a timely message. Your time spent with Nazareth is more than a performance—it’s an experience—uplifting, inspiring, and exuberantly funny.


With unique insights into the cultures of both the Middle East and his adopted America, Nazareth’s inspirational comedy has affected millions regardless of their cultural background.


You may have seen him on television programs as diverse as Comedy Central, The 700 Club and NBC Nightly News.



 1. Sponsor a Laughter For All Community Outreach Event

Bring the external community through the doors of your church to meet the internal community of church family of Christ-followers. Laughter For All brings an outstretched arm to any outreach activity from your church. It provides the same laughter packaged in a free ticket for someone who may be going through:

  • Depression
  • Chemo-therapy
  • A Job loss
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Simply a low point in their lives.

It enables you to easily show them the love of God by simply inviting them to laugh. They will hear the message of Good News for their lives and in the process change your co-worker, neighbor, Facebook friend, or Twitter follower into a family member.


2. Sponsor a ticketed fundraising event to benefit a local charitable cause or ministry (ie Pregnancy Crisis Center, Rescue Mission, etc.)

If your church or organization has been looking for ways to impact your community and the current worthy causes that exist, then Nazareth can provide the right blend of inspiration and laughter to accompany the funding necessary. With ticket prices as low as $10, the profit capability for your cause will surprise you.



1. Invite Nazareth to Speak at your next Men’s Conference:

Nashville, TN – May 16, 2013 – Inspirational comedian Nazareth releases his second book project, “You’re So Funny Daddy!” just in time for Father’s Day. The book, available June 1 through Comedy Crusade Publishing in association with DerDiZ Media, Inc., encourages fathers to incorporate humor into their daily interactions at home, making for a light-hearted atmosphere which will in turn foster better communication and strengthen family relationships long-term.


comedian nazareth, you're so funny daddy!

“You’re So Funny Daddy!” exhorts readers to use humor to be more than just a father but a great dad as well. Nazareth explains, “A father who can tap into humor and share a real hearty laugh with his children is communicating with his children at a frequency level that tunes directly into the heart of what truly matters to [them]… If you’re a father, or you plan to be a father, and you want to be the type of father that your children will think of as a dad, this book is for you.”

The book provides practical tools for improving parental communication through humor, including ideas to make children laugh more frequently and ways to enhance one’s own sense of humor.

“You’re So Funny Daddy!” has already received rave endorsements from Christian leaders such as Dr. Johnny M. Hunt, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, who comments, “It is an awesome read, one that will deeply touch you, challenge you, and equip you to be a dad.” Chuck Booher, senior pastor of Crossroads Christian Church in Corona, Calif., who penned the book’s forward writes, “If we follow the principles of this book we will be those who make memories that will always be cherished and never forgotten.”

Purchase “You’re So Funny Daddy!”for $15.99 at Amazon, or An eBook will also be available for $9.99 at Amazon on Kindle, Barnes and Noble on Nook and at For more information and to read a sample chapter of the book, visit:


2. Invite Nazareth to speak at your next Special Event or Volunteer Appreciation Dinner:

Whatever the occasion or whomever the audience, an evening of encouragement and side-splitting laughter with amazing audience participation will promise increased value for all.


3. Invite Nazareth to Speak at a Weekend Service in your church