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There is an award for you – An encouragement for High School Students

There is an award for you – An encouragement for High School Students

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I’m not athletic. I grew up in a different country where the emphasis was on education rather than sports. The smart kids were the cool ones. Not the quarterback but the valedictorian.

 It’s different here in the US. When my son started his freshman year at High school. He joined the Football team. He and I knew he’s not good at Football, but, in his mind, it was the cool group to hang out with. That’s where you get the attention. He hardly played. When asked about his position, he replied: ” Left Bench.”

 When it was time for the awards, at the end of the season, the quarterback and the wide-receivers received all the praise. He looked at me and said: “What about me?”

 As a dad, I prayed for the right words and then said: “John, every student is excellent at something. You are excellent at making movies, filming and editing.” He sadly replied: “But there is no award ceremony to recognize what I’m good at.” I said, if there were one, you will be the quarterback getting all the attention.”

 Last month, John’s high school decided to do a Film Festival. Their First Annual Film Festival. Last night was the award ceremony. Hundreds of people showed up. The competition was fierce.

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Several very good short films were nominated. Guess who received the highest award? Yes. John Rizkallah for best short film.

 When his name was called, I looked up to heaven and thanked God for the wise words He gave me four years prior. Are you a non-athletic high school student? Do you feel that no one appreciates what you do best? There is an award ceremony for you. If it has not been created it, rest assured that one day there will be one for you and you will be the quarter back. You will be applauded and appreciated. You don’t have to be good at sports to feel like a champion. Do what you love to do; what you are good at and you will be recognized and appreciated sooner or later.


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