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The Miracle at the 66ers Stadium – Prayer Works

The Miracle at the 66ers Stadium – Prayer Works

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The Miracle at LFA S.B. 2015


It was Saturday, July 18th 2015. Southern California was going thru a severe drought. It hasn’t rained in a long time. For months and months we’ve been planning for the 2nd Annual Laughter For All Crusade at San Manuel 66ers Stadium in San Bernardino, CA.  Last year we had over 5000 people attend the event.  Everything was coming through beautifully. We prayed so much for the event.

That morning it started to rain at 9:00 AM. It rained cats and dogs (sorry PETA). The stage was set up, the sound equipment and the generators. All sitting there getting wet. We gathered as a team and prayed: “Lord we do need the rain, but please make it stop at 7:00 PM.”  That’s Show time. We received hundreds of calls, that morning, from people asking if we are going to cancel the event. The answer by our core team, Mike, Tim, Robert, and myself was a definite NO. God will stop the rain at 7:00 PM.

The rain continued, the volunteers had to set up the 1000 toys and 1000 food bags in the rain. The generators broke, we had to get new generators, a new soundboard and everything that was supposed to go wrong, went wrong.

At 5 PM while coming back from Home Depot, a car ran a red light and was supposed to hit me, but it hit the car next to me. 

BUT, we prayed it would stop raining once we start the show at 7:00 PM.

We gathered again in one of the suites and prayed for the rain to stop. Our spouses were praying, the volunteers were praying and some of the sponsors who showed up prayed as well.

At 7:00 PM, like a blanket, the sky rolled open, the rain stopped and a patch of blue showed up. (see picture above) The sky was blue; the rain stopped and the people in the stand stood with their smart phones taking pictures of the sky. I’ve never seen that before. People simeltaniously taking pictures of the sky.

God answered our prayer. For the next two and half hours it didn’t rain. Once we finished the event. It started raining again. That day was a record rain fall for California.

We had a teen that just found out that she’s pregnant came forward; A Father and his son, a Mom with her three children came forward to give their hearts to Christ.

It was worth all the money, the time and the energy every team member, sponsor artist and volunteer invested into the event. I’m glad we were obedient.

Prayer works. Not sure if your challenge is bigger or smaller than a Stadium event, God can answer your prayers, according to His will of course, and His timing. Sometimes your timing. Ours was 7:00 PM Sharp.

God won that day, and my lawn is green again.



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