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Fear Not

Fear Not

By: Nazareth | 2 Comments | Uncategorized

folding the flag

On September 11 2011, I was seated at Ramstein Air force Base Air field, next to The General of the US Armed Forces, Admiral of the US Navy and dozens of high-ranking officers at a ceremony to commemorate the victims of 911. The night before, I performed for 1000 airmen that just returned from Iraq.

I remembered that Tuesday morning ten years ago, when I watched in horror what was taking place. As an American, citizen, this was horrific. Then it hit me. I’m a Middle Eastern Comedian. My career is over. Prior to that date, I was telling jokes about being a terrorist and hijacking planes…. I’m done.

I prayed that morning. I asked God to help me understand what is going on; what’s going to happen to America, and what’s going to happen to me?

For the next few weeks I feared the future; I feared to fly; I was so conscious of my surrounding. Who’s starring at me at the airport?  I knew that Faith and Fear don’t to hand and hand, so I chose to have Faith that God will change the situation. God gave me a peace that morning that I will continue to do what I do and share more about Him since people are afraid.

I did, I started the Proud 2 B American Comedy Tour. It did great for few years. We performed at large churches and convention centers. Recording Artist Britt Nicole was my opening act and Jarrod Mac was my Illusionist. Every city we performed at, we invited families of soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Honored their loved ones and gave a portion of the proceed of the event to them.

God turned a lemon into lemonade. But I never thought, ten years later, He would make me sit next to Generals and Admirals in the United States Armed Forces.

We stood there in honor for the Flag-Folding Ceremony. It took our airmen two minutes to fold the American Flag. Then they played the German Anthem and the German Airmen folded the German Flag. It took them 15 minutes to do that. The General appeared frustrated with the time it is taking to fold the German Flag.

That’s when the comedian in me had to say something, so I leaned close to his ear and said: I’m glad they don’t fold my LAUNDRY!

You should see a Four star general trying not to laugh. He started shaking and his shoulders were going up and down. After they finished he shook my hand and gave me the Please don’t do this again look.

So if today you are afraid about something in your life, Please lay it before the Lord, Trust in His plan, and ask Him to give you His Peace. The Peace that surpasses ALL understanding. You don’t know what tomorrow can bring.


  1. Chris

    Beautifully put. God bless you for sharing wisdom, wit and laughter!

  2. Kristen Saalig

    Thanks Nazareth for posting this. I always like to read what you post and to see you perform is always better. God bless you for conquering your fear of being a Christian comedian, a Middle Eastern Christian comedian at that, in the United States in spite of 9/11. My prayers are always with you as you develop new material and prepare to go out to perform it as you bring new believers to Christ. I remember seeing you as you would introduce comedians at Sonrise Church in Rialto on comedy nights. I don’t know if you were touring at the time of what you were doing at Sonrise, but it’s nice to be able to have the opportunity to see you perform with other comedians and music artists. God bless you and keep up the awesome work you are doing!


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