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Did you buy your kids or are you leasing them?

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  I received a phone call this morning from my friend Chris from the Bay Area, CA. He didn’t sound as perky as usual. He didn’t give me time to guess. He proceeded to tell me that he is in tears and crying like a baby. He dropped his daughter to college today and couldn’t […]

There is an award for you – An encouragement for High School Students

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I’m not athletic. I grew up in a different country where the emphasis was on education rather than sports. The smart kids were the cool ones. Not the quarterback but the valedictorian.  It’s different here in the US. When my son started his freshman year at High school. He joined the Football team. He and […]

The Miracle at the 66ers Stadium – Prayer Works

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  It was Saturday, July 18th 2015. Southern California was going thru a severe drought. It hasn’t rained in a long time. For months and months we’ve been planning for the 2nd Annual Laughter For All Crusade at San Manuel 66ers Stadium in San Bernardino, CA.  Last year we had over 5000 people attend the […]

Fear Not

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On September 11 2011, I was seated at Ramstein Air force Base Air field, next to The General of the US Armed Forces, Admiral of the US Navy and dozens of high-ranking officers at a ceremony to commemorate the victims of 911. The night before, I performed for 1000 airmen that just returned from Iraq. […]

Persistence Pays Off.

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This picture, with my mom, was taken 23 years ago in Malibu right before my show at the Whisky a go go, the world famous Rock n Roll club in Hollywood. The Doors, Janis Joplin, and Led Zeppelin has performed there to name a few. Why would they let a comedian perform there? Because I […]


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I walked into Tom Tom’s Coffee house, in Pasadena, CA, last Saturday to grab a cup a coffee only to be moved by Nostalgic feelings when I noticed that they are having an open Mic night. That’s were musicians and artist come to play a song or two or do poetry to an audience comprised […]

Laughter For All with Comedian Nazareth

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Comedian Nazareth, and a team of leading entertainers and local ministries, will bring, Laughter For All to the City of San Bernardino, California. Loaded with encouragement and sidesplitting laughter, this will be the very first of many free comedy concerts with Comedian Nazareth. Laughter For All will be held on July 12th at San Manuel […]

San Bernardino LFA @ 66ers Stadium

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San Bernardino LFA @ 66ers Stadium.